Wedding Professionals: Photo Booth

Photo Booth Rental Companies in Raleigh & Cary NC

Photo booths provide fun snapshots atyour event.

Photo booths for your wedding reception may well be the finishing touch that really spices things up. Guests really enjoy the fun and excitement of taking pictures with friends and family. Photo booths come in several configurations as well as produce the pictures in different formats. Some booths are designed to accommodate just a couple of people and are typically hard sided with logos on the outside which you have the choice of customizing if you like. The other type of photo booth is larger allowing for more people and is usually covered with curtains. Another choice you have to make is the format of the pictures. Usually the pictures come in either a strip of four images or the four pictures are arranged in a square. Most photo booth rental companies have the option of personalizing the pictures with your wedding date and names. One of the latest and perhaps best additions to the photo booth offering is the ability for the company to post your pictures on line with a password protection so your friends can look at all the pictures after the event is over. These rental companies usually have the ability to give you a disk with all the photos for your use. If you want to add fun to your wedding give these Raleigh and Cary photo booth rental companies a call and let them explain what they can do for you.